Empower Network – Will You Really Make Money With This?

Empower Network   Will You Really Make Money With This?Is Empower Network another one of them online programs that actually can make you lots of cash or would you stand more chance to making money selling ice to Eskimos? Today’s Empower Network review reveals all.

There are lots of systems out here all claiming to make us millionaires within the next ten minutes. You probably know exactly what I’m talking about some of you having even tried a few. A lot fail to live up to expectation with much more work required than initially first thought. Empower Network is the next instalment to hit the net with its lucrative income plan giving away 100% commissions directly to reps paid immediately into your bank account.

Believe it or not the founding partners David Wood and David Sharpe generated over $250,000 in affiliate commissions within the first 72 hours of launching despite a server crash and a few other teething problems. Empower Network really does give the essence of a true overnight success rarely seen within the internet marketing arena. Don’t get me wrong internet marketing can be a very lucrative industry however these types of figures within that time scale is the stuff of legends.

Both David and David are experienced successful marketers with mass followings so their background within the industry was obviously a massive advantage.

Empower Network – $250,000 In 72 Hours :-0

The official launch was on Halloween, October 31st 2011 and the basic business model is simple 1) Blog Daily… 2) Tell Others… 3) Make Money. The entry level cost to join the system is $25 per month. This gets you started with your own optimized blog. There is nothing to install, simply make some basic changes to how you want your name, bio and pic to appear and you’re good to go! Social media elements like “share this” and the RSS feed are already done for you.

The real power with this system is the affiliate marketing element. For many beginners, the challenge has always been the necessity to find a great product and then go through a rigorous learning process on how to host, configure and optimize your own website.

Earning commissions for simply selling another person’s product can produce a great income very quickly and can even be a completely automated system however the initial setup can take months before earning your first few bucks.

100% Commissions On Empower Network Referrals

Empower Network really does eliminate most of that struggle, not only are you ready to promote other products and services from your blog, the Empower Network commission plan pays 100% on all program referrals. Their are also 2 tiers which uses a powerline structure. This structure creates a synergy that is not usually found in online affiliate programs.

In addition to all this, the system also offers a further 2 more upgrade offers, 1st: The “Inner Circle” Membership which you can upgrade for $100 per month and provides you with new audio training each week. There are a number of different recordings in your back office which they will add to weekly, you can expect to hear topics such as:

  • Influence and Inspire People To Buy Your Products, Join Your Businesses And Love You For It
  • The Power of Unity
  • How To Close 95% Of Prospects Into Your Business
  • Hypotonic Selling Secrets
  • Down and Dirty Marketing Secrets
  • Then this weeks Audio of the Week

If you have any background knowledge on Dave and Dave the success these guys have had within a short period of time is phenomenal so the valuable knowledge is well worth the money not to mention also earning 100% commissions from it.

The final program is the “Costa Rica Mastermind” they are giving this away at a steal price of $500, David Wood was selling a truck load of this program at a live event $3,000 and sometimes even more. This training is invaluable spending time with David at his Costa Rica retreat. You also earn 100% commissions from that also.

Its important to note that in order to earn commission from all of these programs you do have to purchase them first.

Empower Network – Blog Daily, Market Daily, Make Money

So in conclusion if you like the idea of promoting affiliate products from a blog then Empower Network really does give you everything you need to hit the ground running. Promote products to sell, promote your MLM, promote empower network, promote anything you want really. With the Empower Network you are given a fully functional, fully optimized blog for this purpose. So the idea is to:

  1. Blog Daily
  2. Market Daily
  3. Make Money

Take the action you need to succeed, hit the button below:

Empower Network   Will You Really Make Money With This?

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  • Empower Network   Will You Really Make Money With This?

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