Donald Trump Network Marketing Opportunity

Donald Trump Network Marketing Opportunity


The Donald Trump network marketing opportunity was officially launched in October 2009 and has had many Trump fans jump on board the opportunity in an attempt to create financial freedom. The products are healthy living and well being vitamins. So what makes this company different to all those other companies like Herbal life, Qivana, 4Life and many others who are all offering a similar type of product. Today’s article identifies whether this is a unique business opportunity or just the same as all the others.

Most people on the planet are very familiar with the brand ‘Trump’, successful billionaire Donald Trump made his fortune in real estate although in recent years has ventured out into multiple different products and services, everything from aftershave to hotels. His success has even landed him with his own hit TV show ‘The Apprentice’ of which the commonly used catchphrase “you’re fired” now belongs to him. Donald Trump has been a fan of MLM for many years; he openly states that if he were to start all over again this is the industry he would pick to make his millions. He has endorsed other MLM companies like ACN so it was only a matter of time before he created his own Donald Trump Network Marketing opportunity.

The income structure is similar to others within the industry, recruit X amount, sell X amount of the product and your financial freedom is handed to you. This is generally the way most network marketing companies operate, most of which could have a huge impact on your lifestyle. Just the name of Trump alone can assist you in generating interest for your business. He is very well known worldwide and people like his business accruement.

The products consist of vitamins and nutritionals. A lot of other companies promote similar products so what is different about this? The main beneficial factor that sets the Trump Network apart from the rest is simply the vitamins you consume are fully customised to your body requirements. Trump calls it the revolutionary PrivaTest which eliminates the guesswork and confusion from personal supplementation. Other well being organisations pretty much advise take one of these a day and you will be strong where as Trump has incorporated a simple in-home test which scientifically answers your need to know what vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients your body needs every day. Fortunately Trump didn’t come up with his fantastic products in his bathroom with a $10 lab kit instead he uses a team of experts to look at your specific metabolic markers from the in-home test. A database of over 100,000 participants and 30,000 scientific nutrition studies are used to develop a customized blended formula just for you. The days of one size fits all, or should I say one pill for all are now a thing of the past, these products take it to another level by being specifically unique to you and your requirements. For less than $2 a day this company states you can save money, time and avoid using supplements which do not give maximum benefit. Thousands of The Trump Network’s consumers are convinced their cellular nutrition has been given a big boost giving them nutritional balance and good health.

I think we can safely say that Donald Trump network marketing opportunity is definitely unique from the rest. Everyone is interested in good health so what better way of keeping yourself healthy than receiving specific vitamins designed specifically for you. The networking side of this business is however very similar to all MLM’s. You need to recruit people into your downline to take huge benefit of the commissions and ongoing residual income which will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. 97% of representatives fail miserably within the network marketing industry, why is this? The idea of presenting this opportunity to a few very focused, entrepreneurial, like minded people sounds very simple however has proven to be difficult for lots of marketers. Most opportunities of this nature suggest recruiting family and friends into the business, handing out leaflets etc (traditional methods). If your warm market was anything like my warm market then unfortunately you won’t be making any money anytime soon. Finding the right people to take you seriously and work this business is something you may find a very challenging process.

The great news is that there are some great solutions for this problem. In recent years struggling network marketers have turned to online marketing as a solution to find the best suited people for their businesses which has worked very well. Marketers have opted to personally brand themselves by using simple tools like blogs and capture pages to ensure people come looking for them in search of opportunity instead of us chasing uninterested people around.

Learning effective online marketing techniques is very simple. No previous internet marketing experience is necessary and you have the tools and mentors around you to give the step by step tuition required. Attracting people to you and your Donald Trump network marketing business is what will bring you success. Chasing people who have no idea or interest in creating success or having the focus to really make it work is just wasting your time and efforts. Online marketing also opens up the possibility of generating great additional commissions on the front end from those who even say no to your opportunity.

In closing, the Donald Trump network marketing business model is definitely a lucrative opportunity which will create your financial freedom, providing you understand the importance of effective marketing methods. For more information on online marketing strategies, click this link NOW… 

 To be a entrepreneur you must be a problem solver! Dont Quit, find the solutions to any MLM difficulty that you face. Finding solutions is the only way you will become successful in business, dont take my word for it, just ask Mr Trump.

To your success!

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