Isagenix Scam – Read This Before Wasting Your Time With This Company…

Isagenix Scam   Read This Before Wasting Your Time With This Company...

Isagenix Scam

So you have recently heard about the MLM Company Isagenix and need more information now on whether it’s the opportunity for you. Today’s Isagenix scam review details whether or not this is another illegal pyramid scam or whether in fact it’s the real deal.

Isagenix flagship product is “The Isagenix Cleansing And Fat Burning System” this company is all about loosing weight and living a more healthy lifestyle which is definitely a positive concept considering the amount of obesity found in western societies today. A statement directly from the company website states ”Cleanse your body to create an environment for wellness so you can finally achieve your health objectives. Our system allows you a choice of programs to match your goals and lifestyle”. The company has seen massive growth since launching in 2002 and was even listed in ’Inc. 500′ magazine as one 500 fastest growing private companies in America. Sounds all good so far so where did this stigma of Isagenix scam come from?

Ok let’s get straight to the point regarding this Isagenix scam nonsense. The truth is the Isagenix uses a network marketing based business model to market its products. Network marketing based structures allow company distributors to earn money via direct sales of the product and as well as that also recruit others and earn from their sales also. Anybody that they then recruit you will earn commissions etc, it then continues on which will allow distributors to earn a substantial income in the process. People who are not familiar with business models of this nature naturally assume it to be some sort of pyramid scam hence “Isagenix scam”. It is correct to carry out your due diligence on any company your unfamiliar with however I can assure you the Isagenix scam does not exist. Is it the right business for you? Well that’s a different question altogether…

Founded by John Anderson along with Jim and Kathy Coover. John’s background was based around working in private-label supplement manufacturers and formulators for more than 600 companies, creating more than 2,300 nutritional and weight-loss products. His products are internationally recognized and respected as ground breaking and incredibly effective (as per the company website). Jim led one of the most popular weight-loss companies in history, serving more than several million customers and exceeding $1 billion dollars in sales. As President of 2 successful MLM companies and a sought-after consultant to many in the industry. Kathy Coover, is a nationally recognized and respected field leader and trainer in the Network Marketing industry. Since 1992, Kathy has become a top money-earner in three separate companies, generating millions in income. Her training and support systems have helped to create many Isagenix millionaires and helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs achieve new levels of financial freedom. It obvious that the basic foundations of the company are very strong and it’s not surprising that Isagenix has gone on to do so well.

Isagenix Scam – Products

Isagenix has a range of healthy drinks, shakes, snacks and vitamins all specifically designed for fat burning weight loss. The company has a range of scientists all working towards producing the best possible nutritious supplements to help you achieve your ultimate weight loss goals. They have testimonials from a number of people loosing from 50 to 100 to even 200 pounds following the specific health plans set by the company.

Isagenix distributors have 6 different ways of generating an income with the company. You will first purchase the Isagenix products at wholesale prices for anything from $150 to $400 plus on a monthly basis and sell earning 50% commissions in the process. You will also earn from those recruited into your network. Isagenix has a binary based downline model which can help reps as spill over from their upline will go automatically go into their downlines (if you’re not familiar with binaries I recommend you looking it up). Other ways of generating an income in this so called Isagenix scam is through product introduction bonuses, team bonuses, matching check bonuses, auto ship rewards and incentives. This has seen multiple people create financial freedom as well as millionaire status.

Isagenix does appear to be a good opportunity however you have to keep in mind to begin with costs for you could mount up quite quickly as you must purchase quantities of the product in the first instance to keep your business going and to earn from your downline.

In bringing this Isagenix scam review to a close I ask the question again, does the Isagenix scam really exist? NO! However the chance of you creating your financial wealth with this company is questionable. The truth is the amount of people who fail in companies like this will far exceed those who make a substantial income, something like 97% of people fail within the MLM industry which is not very encouraging? I’m not now saying this is not a good opportunity although understanding marketing strategies will be key to your success. Most MLM companies start reps off by encouraging you to network with friends and family, when that list is exhausted the next step is potentially buying leads which still have no guarantee of helping your business flourish. Unfortunately these strategies do not work for most.

Isagenix scam – Don’t end up in the MLM Graveyard!

In order to be a successful Isagenix distributor (and not leave the industry screaming “Isagenix Scam“) you must first learn effective marketing strategies which includes branding yourself, taking the industry seriously and generally trying to get as much exposure as possible. Marketing on the internet ‘is a new age strategy’ that is proving extremely effective. Marketing online can generate you leads on a daily basis produced purely on autopilot which can see you have success much sooner than traditional methods.

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  • Isagenix Scam   Read This Before Wasting Your Time With This Company...

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