Jusuru Scam Or Legitimate Business Opportunity? Review The True Facts…

Jusuru Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

Jusuru Scam Or Legitimate Business Opportunity? Review The True Facts...In today’s Jusuru review we take a look at whether this business is a legitimate opportunity or another illegal scam that will have you pulling your hair out with frustration. It may be the case that your reading this Jusuru scam review because you have excitedly just joined this company after learning the impressive comp plan and are now wondering whether you have made the right choice or may be your just currently weighing up your options on whether or not this opportunity will really work for you? Either way the information your about to be provided will give you a clear

understanding on the true facts regarding this business.

Jusuru was founded in late 2009 by the company president Asma Ishaq and is a direct selling business based around well being healthy juice drinks which claim to possess all the vitamins required to give your joints and skin a health boost. The company uses a network marketing business based model to distribute the product across north America with its headquarters based in California. Asma graduated from the University of California, at Berkeley with dual degrees in both psychology and business administration. She then went on to graduate at Rice University after completing her MBA with a dual concentration in finance and marketing. Before founding Jusuru she held executive positions with BlackRock, Inc., a leading asset management firm in New York City and  Biocell Technologies, which is a leading developer of cutting edge health and wellness products.

It is not uncommon for people who are not familiar with network marketing or mlm based business models to assume that companies like Jusuru are some sort of pyramid scheme which will end up scamming them out of thousands of dollars. Network marketing is a legitimate industry of which popular companies like Avon and Amway have been operating for decades. The Jusuru scam I can assure you does not exist and instead is a company that can indeed generate you a great income and take your financial success to new levels.

The Jusuru scam does not exist, so what is the company all about?

The Jusuru flagship product is its life blend nutritious juice drink which contains high quality ingredients including.

  • BioCell Collagen II
  • Resveratrol
  • Antioxidants
  • Phytonutrients
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fatty Acids
  • Amino Acids
Jusuru’s consumers state that the drink has made a difference to their lives helping to produce healthier skin and joints. The BioCell Collagen II  is a 100% natural dietary ingredient. Nutritionists are calling it part of a new generation of “super ingredients”.
With many people becoming more and more conscious of healthy living and good physical health Jusuru definitely has a wide customer base. Representatives of this company have the opportunity to not only provide customers with the ingredients to create a healthier lifestyle but also generate a great income in the process.

Jusuru Scam – How does the comp plan work?

OK so we have identified that the fear of the Jusuru scam is not required as its patented beverage is a quality product, lets now look at the benefits of being a representative for this company, will it really help you towards financial freedom or is this just purely nothing but hype?

Anybody over the age of 18 and are located in North America can enrol into the Jusuru network marketing opportunity. Most do with the hopes and dreams of giving up the day job and being free to live life in exactly the way they want. The compensation plan is mainly based around generating commissions from direct sales to consumers as well as generate commissions from the sales of those who they enrol into the organisation. It works like this:

  • There are 9 ways of generating an income with Jusuru - Direct Sales of the product, a preferred customer bonus, a fast start bonus, team commissions, enroller bonus, turbo infinity bonus,  leader check match, leadership pools and last but not least a car bonus.
  • The structure of the income plan extends 7 levels deep with matching bonuses rewarded to those leaders who reach the higher levels of the Jusuru compensation plan.
  • Levels 1 to 4 you are designated as Venture builder. 30% of every direct sale of the product is paid directly to the distributor. They then pay out a total of 18% with the requirement of having at least two of your personally sponsored representatives recruit a minimum of  distributors themselves.
  • To qualify for the commissions on this level each of your distributor downline members including yourself must be on a minimum order of 1 case of product per month. One case of product is $140.00.
  • The next level of the Jusuru compensation plan “Endeavor classification” gives you a matching bonus which requires 5 personally sponsored distributors all on a monthly autoship of at least one case each and two of which have sponsored at least 3 representatives each.
This is just a brief overview of the compensation which highlights even more that the Jusuru scam is not apparent within this company. The cost to get involved with Jusuru is just $39.95 which is a relatively cheap enrolment fee however you have to keep in mind that you are expected to purchase at least one case of juice each month in order to generate an income with this company which will see you paying out at least $140 each month. There is also an annual renewal fee of $20.
In conclusion is “Jusuru Scam or legitimate business opportunity” I can safely say after extensive research this company is definitely not a scam. The opportunity does have the potential to create a substantial income however the % of people who fail in companies like this far exceed those who succeed, that doesn’t mean this not a good opportunity however most people who first get involved in this industry completely forget about the word “marketing” and just purely hope speaking to friends and family will ultimately bring them success. When reps realise this marketing strategy will not always work for everybody they then quit instead of looking for an alternative solution.
In order to be successful in network marketing and MLM most people must must must learn effective marketing strategies which may include mail shots, local newspaper adverts and just generally as much exposure as possible. Alternative strategies will include marketing on the internet which is a new age strategy that is proving extremely effective. Marketing online will generate you lots of leads on a daily basis produced purely on autopilot which can see you have success much sooner than traditional methods.
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  • Jusuru Scam Or Legitimate Business Opportunity? Review The True Facts...

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